Facade signs

The finishing touch for your home or business premisses!

Facade signs

Facade signs are manufactured with the same care and expertise as the ship’s name signs.

The choice here is diverse, both in size, model and material. Here too you can choose to order your nameplate untreated or completely finished with 2-component paint from us. You can have the letters plated with gold leaf or choose from the colors white, black and gold. All standard RAL colors are available as an option.

Various types of wood 

You can choose from different types of wood:

  • Teak is a beautiful sustainable wood with a lively appearance (at extra cost).
  • Mahogany is a “red” type of wood with a calm appearance.
  • Oak is a strong and hard wood, light in color.
  • Afrormosia is a wood with a warm golden brown color.

Many nameplates are made from teak, because this is a very durable type of wood that will last a very long time. Mahogany and oak are also great options for a beautiful façade board.

Finishing facade signs

For the finish you can choose to order your façade board unpainted or completely finished with 2-component paint.

You can choose from high gloss lacquer and satin gloss lacquer, below the properties of these 3 lacquer types.

  • High gloss, has a radiant and reflective finish. Is less sensitive to weather influences than satin. High gloss is easy to clean, which in turn benefits the life of the paint.
  • Satin gloss, is also known as satin paint. Not as glossy as high gloss, but certainly not matte. Satin gloss gives a warm appearance.
  • Matt lacquer


For the letters there is a choice of standard colors of white, black and gold, but it is also possible to have the letters plated with gold leaf. All RAL colors are optionally available.

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Also for your interior!

Because of the experience and expertise in the field of customization, you can also come to us for the design of your interior. Visit the website of Jacht- en Scheepstimmerbedrijf Schrier for photos and more information.

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