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At WeBo Nameplates you are at the right place for a unique and traditional wooden nameplate for your ship, yacht or home. With years of experience, WeBo is the specialist in making wooden nameplates. The WeBo team is working with great enthusiasm on a piece of jewelry you requested for your ship, yacht or home.

Artisan handcraft wooden nameplates

A traditional wooden nameplate is a “piece of jewelry” for your ship, yacht or home. Making a nameplate is traditional work. Our professional team works with great precision to finish the nameplate as nicely and completely as possible, so that it is entirely to the wishes of the customer.

You can choose from various types of wood, of which teak, mahogany and oak are the most used types of wood.

In addition, you can choose to finish the board yourself or have us finish it with a 2-component lacquer, satin gloss or high gloss.

Furthermore, there is a choice of many fonts and colors and we can deliver the board with or without mounting holes. In short, many options are possible. Take a look at our website and if there are any questions, please contact us!

Yacht-en Scheepstimmerbedrijf Schrier

Also visit our website of Yacht- en Scheepstimmerbedrijf Schrier. We have been specialized in boarding ships for professional and pleasure craft for over 50 years. Click here for photos and more information.


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